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How far along are we with the execution of key strategies and initiatives?

Are we achieving the results we expected?


If asked these questions by their boards, many CEO's would be challenged to provide a response they could back up with data.
Using the strategic management portal, CEO's and Senior Managers can stay on top of execution to ensure that things stay on track.

Oversight - Action

This component addresses key questions relative to the execution of strategies, projects and tasks:
  • What are the key contextual elements for our strategic time horizon?
  • What is the meaning and intent or each strategy?
  • What is the scope and what are the objectives for each initiative?
  • To what extent have our strategic initiatives been completed?
  • When will each initiative be executed relative to our strategic plan time horizon?
  • How are projects progressing currently relative to original plans?
  • What is the current status of each strategic initiative?


See Stratim Suite Demonstration site for a limited demonstration model.


Oversight - Results

This component addresses key questions relative to measureable results:
  • Do we have a well-balanced suite of performance measures?
  • Is each measure defined, clearly and precisely?
  • Do we have the data to correspond with performance measure requirements?
  • At the source level, are we collecting enough other data dimensions to:
    (a) provide insight into performance issues?
    (b) support operational processes and decisions?
  • What are the performance baselines and targets?
  • Can we tell easily when we're performing adequately or underperforming?


See Stratim Suite Demonstration Site for a limited demonstration model.




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