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Stratim SOAR Framework

 ​​​​The Stratim SOAR Framework provides the concepts, tools and processes to ensure that objectives are attained.


​​​A plan exists (strategic, quality, operational, departmental)

People understand the contextual factors affecting organizational strategy.
The current and future (desired end) state are documented and communicated.
Intents and motivations for strategic directions are communicated, clear and understood.
Assumptions about the relationships between actions and results are clear.


Mechanisms are in place to monitor execution and results

Sequence and Priority are established.
Accountabilities are assigned.
Risks are identified and effectively managed.


People know how well the organization is executing

Strategies are comprised of cohesive, integrated suites of initiatives.
Individual initiatives are well defined.
The organization knows who is working on what.
Individuals and teams understand their tasks, roles and responsibilities.
People have the right tools and information to enable effective collaboration.
People are held accountable for their work.

Results​ ​

People know how well the organization is performing

The organization has a well-defined, balanced suite of performance measures.
Objectives are clearly defined and measureable.
Streamlined processes are in place to collect and deliver the right performance information.
Effective tools are available to analyze and understand performance.

 Stratim SOAR Framework




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