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Stratim Suite

Stratim Analysis links (below) provide a limited view of the capabilities within each analytical tool.  The data can come from a wide range of sources. 

Results Analysis provides a Balanced Scorecard model which can be customized by the client organization. The Scorecard provides a high-level aggregate view of all aspects of organizational performance. Supplementary detailed analytical models can be used to analyze data down to the individual transaction level if desired. The Scorecard can be used for a single organization or to pull together the results of multiple organizations. 

The Strategy, Risk and Governance models support the organization in various aspects of their mission to attain enhanced organizational performance. These are the types of good management practices often cited as requirements by various accreditation bodies in the public sector.

Results AnalysisPerformance
Balanced Scorecard (Single Organization, Healthcare Example)
Performance AnalysisNew tab
Results Analysis Multi OrgPerformance
Balanced Scorecard (Multiple Organization, Business Example)
Performance AnalysisIn page navigation
Strategy AnalysisStrategy
Reports on completion and status at strategic and project levels.
Strategic AnalysisNew tab
Risk AnalysisRisk
Charts showing the likelihood and impact of various types of risk.
Risk AnalysisNew tab
Governance AnalysisGovernance Analysis
Board performance analytics
Governance AnalysisNew tab

The Scorecard model can use several frameworks to group performance metrics.

  1. Quadruple Aim Framework (used by Ontario Health Teams and many health services providers)
  2. Balance Scorecard Perspectives (standard approach)
  3. Strategic Objectives (linked to Strategic and Operational Planning)

All three can be used to look at the same measures and results.

Performance Balance Analysis (not shown here) can be used to assess overall balance of your suite of measures. 

Stratim has dozens of specific models related to client experience, employee experience, clinical performance, human resources and financial performance. These can be used as-is or tailored for your specific needs. Samples of these will be released soon!


Compliments and ComplaintsCompliments and Complaints
Compliments Complaints, Closure Compliance
Compliments and ComplaintsNew tab
Client ExperienceClient Experience
Satisfaction, Impact, Location Preference (demo data illustrates, integrated cross-LHIN comparison capability)
Client ExperienceNew tab
Residence ExperienceResidence Experience
Multiple dimensions of Satisfaction in a multi-organization model with integrated mapping capability.
Residence ExperienceNew tab
Other... Coming Soon
Client, Resident, Staff Experience,
Departure, Met Needs, Late Referrals, ... and more
Other Client ExperienceIn page navigation
Record of EmploymentRecord of Employment
Resignation Rate, Turnover Rate
Record of EmploymentNew tab
Fundraising Actual vs. Target
FundraisingNew tab
Labour AnalysisLabour Analysis
Modified Work, Overtime, Satisfaction, Turnover, …
Labour AnalysisNew tab
Other... Coming Soon
Absenteeism, Grievances, more ...
Coming SoonIn page navigation
Residents First suite of measures plus Falls per 1000 Resident Days
FallsNew tab
Medication IncidentsMedication Incidents
Medication error rates (NCC MERP classification) relative to Rx volume and population. (Multi-organization model)
Medication IncidentsNew tab
Other... Coming Soon
A whole range of service delivery and clinical models
Coming soonIn page navigation

Powering Organizational Performance


The models in this demonstration site are limited in functionality and access to data sources. 

For a complete demonstration of the full capabilities, contact Brian Tramontini

For a bit more information on how our components come together to deliver an overall picture of organizational performance, click Stratim Suite Overview.