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Stratim Suite

Stratim Suite integrates organizational performance reporting and analysis in one place.

Stratim Suite is a comprehensive, integrated framework to support organizational performance. It's about making things better! It provides the concepts and tools to assist your organization in successfully communicating, planning, executing and monitoring through to results. The suite has many integrated models. Each model consists of performance measures; data stores from which to calculate the measures; and analytical tools to visualize the results. All Core and Specialized models are included in your Stratim Suite annual license.

Core Models support best practices in areas such as:

  • Organizational Performance;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Risk Management; and
  • Governance. 

Specialized Models are available for quick implementation (human resources; financial; customer experience; clinical data). Use our base models and customize them to your needs.

Your Team, Your Technology, Your Data

Stratim Suite is built on SharePoint and Power BI from Microsoft. This means that it will integrate into your current technology environment... and be easily adopted by your team using their current knowledge of common Microsoft tools.

Integrate data from your systems or use our tools to streamline and integrate data collection processes.

Stratim Suite can be hosted in the cloud or on your server. You can use your Office 365 environment or Stratim's hosting services. It's your choice.


For more information contact us at or check out our limited Stratim Suite Demonstration Models.


Stratim Suite Integration

How it fits together...


Core Models:


Stratim's Performance model is the cornerstone. All other models integrate with it. It stores the performance measure definitions and parameters used in analytical reports. Tools to review and assess the overall suite of performance measures are available. Create annotations to explain performance variations over time which are automatically integrated into the reports. The Quality model is a specialized subset of the performance model which has been made consistent with many Health Quality Ontario standards.

Strategy, Risk and Governance:

Stratim provides several core models for which we provide the data construct. Each includes performance measures; templates and relevant content to get you up and running faster. Our tools are based on best practices in Strategy, Risk and Governance. Our tools are designed for minimal data entry with powerful analytical reporting.


Specialized Models:


Human and Financial Resources:

Human and financial resources need to be managed by all organizations. Stratim has models which relate to many aspects of organizational performance in these areas. Stratim seamlessly integrates your data from your systems into our performance model to provide analysis and reports ... the way you want to see them.

Other Specialized Models:

Health care organizations often need to address many aspects of clinical performance which have special constructs. Stratim has dozens of clinical and specialized models to be used as-is or adapted to suit. Our falls and medication incidents models used for long term care have been adapted for palliative care. Many social service agencies can use our "met needs" model to determine the extent to which they meet client or community needs. Stratim even has some competitive analysis models.




If we don't have something to fit-the-bill exactly, we can adapt an existing model or create one to to meet your requirements from your data and systems.

Check out our limited Stratim Suite Demonstration Models.